Connecting Actors of Innovation


 We offer the opportunity to players such as SMEs, members of chambers of commerce and professional associations, to connect with a selection of start-ups aggregated from different accelerators, putting a particular emphasis on targeted B2B matching.  


Helping SMEs to innovate like a startup

We wish to inspire SMEs to live up to their dreams by using tools usually dedicated to startups, thus fostering innovation in their internal processes, human resources, communication with clients and business models. We propose to focus on the following:

1. Collaborative intelligence

How to benefit from collaborative intelligence to disrupt your market ?

2. Startup toolbox

How could startup methodology and mindset boost your innovation ? 

3. Connecting to actors of innovation

How to open up to new perspectives by connecting to startups and academia? 

BusinessIn helps SMEs to accelerate their innovation process in the digital era, more specifically by connecting them locally and internationally to other innovation actors such as start-ups. 


Get out of your comfort zone





Mentoring - Coaching - Training - Teaching


We intervene in startup accelerators, teaching modules dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation-driven trainings for SMEs. Some of our references:


START Summit

Start-up Week-End

Oser entreprendre

We Start

CREA Genève

HEG Genève

Event organisation


You wish to promote and highlight your products and services? We are the perfect partner to conceive and curate out-of-the-box, inspiring and impactful events.  

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