Enabling SMEs to connect with and innovate like Startups 

Our vision

To spark synergies and create impact we connect SMEs with startups and other major actors of innovation in a series of events on selected topics particularly affected by digitalization. 

We take a resolute international perspective and a transversal approach, 

creating communities of interest and boosting innovation through collaborative intelligence.

Notre prochain événement se tiendra à Neuchâtel le 10.4. à 16h sur le thème des Objets Connectés

Découvrez notre event de lancement sur le commerce de détail

Notre événement de lancement en vidéo

About us

We Create Value

Meet your innovation partner in a thoughtfully conducive environment enabling targeted B2B connections

Behind the Scenes

Check our solid track record of boosting innovation in an international and entrepreneurial setting

You Boost your Business

Discover refreshing, inspiring, out of the box perspectives for your business at our dedicated events 

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