Alain-Serge Porret


Alain Porret is currently VP, Integrated and Wireless Systems, at CSEM, where he leads a group focusing on ultra-low-power solutions for wearables, IoT applications, and industrial sensors. Previously, he spent 13 years in the US where he co-founded several start-ups related to digital broadcast technologies and participated  to the ascent of the “silicon tuner”. He earned his Ph.D. from  EPFL (Switzerland) by contributing to the then-young topic of ultra-low-power CMOS transceivers. 

Stéphane Poggi


Stéphane Poggi est CEO, co-fondateur et co actionnaire de FELCO Motion SA depuis maintenant 8 ans. Entré dans le groupe FELCO en 2003, il a œuvré pendant 7 ans comme directeur commercial et marketing des produits FELCO à travers le monde entier. De formation technique et titulaire d’un master en business administration, il œuvre depuis de nombreuses années dans la recherche de solutions innovantes pour les produits et services qu’offrent le groupe à ses clients.  


FELCO Motion SA, spin-off de FELCO SA a été créée en 2010 afin de devenir le pôle innovation produits électroportatifs du groupe Flisch. Depuis sa création, la société a développé, industrialisé et assemblé une gamme complète de sécateurs électriques pour la marque FELCO mais aussi pour STIHL, partenaire stratégique depuis 2014. La mission de la société est de développer et commercialiser des solutions de qualité, sous forme de systèmes mécatroniques portables ou de services, permettant d’améliorer la productivité, de diminuer la pénibilité ou d’assurer la sécurité de l’utilisateur. Les solutions se doivent d’être innovantes et concurrentielles. Elles sont destinées à des partenaires en OEM ou directement à des utilisateurs finaux. 

Nathalie Nyffeler


Nathalie Nyffeler currently works at the School of Engineering and Management Vaud (HEIG-VD), University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. Nathalie does research in Entrepreneurial Economics, Marketing and Managerial Economics. Their current project is 'CREating Design-management driven competitive Organizations.' She is Head of the MSc HES-SO in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development Innokick. 

MSc Innokick

 The Innokick Master offers students the interdisciplinary skills they need to develop innovative products and services and successfully bring them to market. It also offers students the opportunity to develop the kind of business ideas that most customer-focused businesses want.  This unique venture in Switzerland offers :

  • a strongly interdisciplinary approach where lecturers, as a matter of course, work closely along
  • an original study programme based on a career-oriented project in close collaboration with locally embedded compagnies. These partners provide the bedrock for our courses and the framework for for the thoerical and practical  modules
  • an emphasis on reflective, personalised learning to enable prospective graduates to plan their future careers on the basis of their professional and personal skills
  • an interdisciplinary Master’s thesis carried out in groups of two or three student

Pascal Maglie


Following a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at EPFL and a PhD at the Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing at ETHZ, Pascal Maglie joined BC Technologies SA ( in 2011. After a few years among the research and development team, he became Managing Director in 2016. At the creation of Dracogroup ( early 2017, Pascal Maglie became part of the steering committee, responsible for the operational and strategic coordination of the 5 companies composing the holding: BC Technologies SA, Atec-Cyl Automation SA, AKAtech SA, ArtraM

SA and 3dPCI SA.

BC Technologies SA

From the first collaboration in 2012 between BC Technologies, its subsidiaries, Atec-Cyl Automation and AKAtech, the idea was born to share this experience and reinvent the way to provide industrial solutions to its customers. The objective is to address the best performances based on its four pillars: mechanics, automation, process and software. Supported by highly motivated teams who share the same values, the idea of ​​creating an industrial group was born. Today, dracogroup is embarking on a new phase in its history, marked by a profound transformation driven by the need for constant innovation.

Since it was born in 1999, BC Technologies has developed and integrated the skills required to develop innovative production systems in the fields of conventional machining and laser processing. Aware of the need to master these technologies in all phases of joint projects, the company has gathered the necessary resources for a comprehensive collaboration with its customers - engineering and development of high-tech solutions, effective and specific after-sales solutions, integrated industrial automation and vision systems, customized user interfaces and production management tools, application-based training in the lab facilities and constantly evolving turnkey industrialization systems

Peter Wyser


Since joining Roche in 1994, Peter Wyser held different leadership roles in Sales & Marketing. In 2004, he became the Business Unit Head for Hospital- and Commercial Lab Solutions for Roche Diagnostics Switzerland including accountabilities in multinational and global Account Management. In 2011 he became a Lifecycle Leader for Lab instrumentation portfolio in the global Roche Diagnostics Organization. In 2013 he took the role as Head of Central R&D and Global Customer Support. Since 2017 Peter Wyser is leading a Digital Transformation Program for Roche Diagnostics. 

Predictive Maintenace in IVD (in vitro Diagnostics Device)

 What are targets of predictive maintenance and how to get there? Peter will share a plan to achieve condition monitoring on machines that are not designed for this purpose.  

Roche Diagnostics

Roche - Main site of global Diagnostics and domicile of the Swiss diagnostics business.

Roche Diagnostics International Ltd, located in Rotkreuz in the canton of Zug, is one of the world’s leading providers of diagnostic system solutions for clinics, laboratories and doctors’ offices. The company belongs to the Diagnostics division of the Roche Group, which is headquartered in Basel. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd was founded in 1969 and today employs over 3,500 people from around  67 countries. The Rotkreuz site is home to all the central functions of the Diagnostics business.

Jean-Michel Puiatti


Jean-Michel holds a PhD in Computer Science from the EPFL in Lausanne with a focus on embedded systems, low-power, high performance processors and robotics.

In 2000, he joined the Kudelski Group where he has held numerous leadership roles in sales, services, operations, development and business unit management for the group’s digital television business, helping cement the group’s market leadership in digital TV security and multi-screen video. In 2017, he was named Senior Vice President for IoT Security, responsible for leading the launch of a comprehensive set of solutions and services for companies who want to secure their digital transformation and their connected things based on Kudelski’s 30 years of digital security expertise.

IoT: sécuriser votre transformation digitale

What are the objectives of digital transformation for connected businesses, and how must IoT security be used to help achieve them? What makes “good security” in the context of connected objects, and how can companies ensure that their goals of new business models, new features, operational efficiency and data intelligence can be achieved using security that is designed in from the start? How can IoT security be made easy to embrace so that the device, network, data and commands are protected, and monitoring and ongoing security evolution are enabled so that new IoT-enabled business models can be sustained long-term?  


Durant l’atelier nous aborderont, sous forme d’une discussion entre les participants, les points suivants :

  • Présentation d’un ou deux use case pour illustrer l’importance de la sécurité dans l’IoT
  • Quels sont vos objectifs de transformation digitale ? et quels sont les piliers qui soutiennent votre business model connecté – monétisation, sureté, confidentialité des données, régulation, etc ?
  • Comment avez-vous abordé les aspects sécuritaires de votre transformation digitale ? Comment assurez-vous que des cyberattaque n’impact pas la pérennité de votre business ?
  • Vous êtes expert dans votre domaine, mais avez-vous les capacités (interne ou externe) pour gérer les nouveaux aspects sécuritaires d’un business connecté ?
  • Que dois-je faire pour sécuriser ma transformation digitale ?

L'initiative IoT Security est une initiative Kudelski Group

The Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S) is a world leader in digital security and a provider of end-to-end convergent media solutions to the digital entertainment industry, including services and applications requiring access control and rights management to secure the revenue in digital television, internet, mobile and interactive applications. The Group also offers cyber security solutions and services focused on helping companies assess risks and vulnerabilities and protect their data, systems and IoT devices. The Kudelski Group is also a technology leader in the area of access control and management of people or vehicles to sites and events. The Kudelski Group holds over 5,300 issued and pending patents worldwide and is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland and Phoenix (AZ), USA. For more information, please visit